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Libby P. says: I came to see Kalpesh because of a pain in my side. It had been slowly increasing and seemed to involve an organ or two. I didn’t bother seeing a doctor because in my experience, I get 3 suggestions from doctors: (a) get more tests, (b) push the symptom underground with a pill, (c) slice & dice the offending area. Once you’ve worked with Kalpesh, you understand that he practices his healing arts at a very deep level, is remarkably sensitive, and has a breadth of understanding and wisdom about Life. My pain cleared up in 3 sessions, and I’ve had the good fortune to continue working with Kalpesh on a monthly basis. I’m able to do things physically that I couldn’t for some months, or years. What’s more valuable, I can appreciate life, enjoy beauty, feel contentment, at levels I haven’t known in a good while. To work together with Kalpesh is a privilege and a life-altering experience. 1/19/2013

Brenda S. says: I echo Mary M--working with Kalpesh on my long-term, seemingly irresolvable chronic pain issues has changed my life. I recognized from the very 1st session that he was doing something fundamentally different than the other health care practitioners I had seen over the years, and the immediate relief I felt was enough to bring me back. I've been a regular client since, and my pain relief has been significant. More importantly, with his unique therapeutic guidance, I have come into a different relationship with my body where the "parts" now feel like a harmonious whole and work smoothly together. From this place, I continue to become more at ease in my body and feel a strength and vitality I can't remember having in many years. Every session is also a tutorial--working with him helps me keep "in touch" with myself as I change (we change as long as we live). I see him even if I don't have a current "pain issue," because his perspective and the way he works with my body helps me maintain--and improve--my well-being. 1/13/2013

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Mary M. says: Kalpesh is one of those rare, gifted individuals whose work is truly life changing for those who have struggled with chronic issues that remain unresolved by other therapists. At my first appointment, I told him to be careful and not to "do too much" because I am hypersensitive and I don't respond to treatment very well. While other therapists have routinely dismissed this concern and ultimately failed in their treatment of me, Kalpesh immediately recognized it as an important foundational neurological issue that needed to be resolved. I was shocked at how much more stable I felt from that first appointment. And that set the stage for many future sessions of recovery from long term issues I had previously believed were untreatable. 1/6/2013

Juan Ramon G. says: I heard great reviews about Kalpesh's Ortho-Bionomy method, and during my first session, he lived up to his reputation and more. He is very detailed and extremely gifted in determining the real cause of an issue and solving the issue. I highly recommend him to anyone. 12/8/2012

“I highly recommend Kalpesh. His techniques are extraordinarily effective, his results are phenomenal and his explanations logical.” August 18, 2010

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“Kalpesh has used his knowledge, talents and sensitivity to help teach me ways to more effectively use my own body's resources; to move more freely, become stronger, healthier and much more pain free. My background is as an Adult Nurse Practitioner, but I have learned there is much more healing, self-care awareness and enhancement of well-being when you can also integrate other appropriate modalities with western medicine. Kalpesh combines western and eastern techniques with Ortho-Bionomy in a uniquely effective way. 

I highly recommend Kalpesh Patel to anyone willing to learn and make the effort to enhance their own health and well being. I especially encourage anyone who has tried other treatments without success to work with Kalpesh!” July 6, 2010

“I found more rapid, wholeistic healing with Kalpesh's methods than with any other form of therapy I have tried. I have seen doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists for a variety of short term health or pain issues over the years - nothing has given me long-lasting, thorough, deep results like Kalpesh's manipulations. After feeling the difference in his methods and seeing the astonishing results, I brought both my parents to him and have recommended him to countless friends. My parents agree that his method is the most compelling and complete of anything they have experienced before including massage therapy, exercise and chiropractic care among others.” July 6, 2010

“His knowledge of how the body works is incredible. Using gentle manipulation, Kalpesh diffused painful areas in my neck and lower back, which had ached for many years. I have fibromyalgia, but I am not in any pain now. It has been six months since I saw Kalpesh, and I am so grateful I explored orthobionomy to retrain my body to move the way it was created to move! Thank you, Kalpesh!” June 28, 2010