Ortho-Bionomy Training

oct 6, 2018 Ortho-Bionomy Basics

at  Florida School of Massage, Gainesville

8 FL CUES for LMTs       9m - 6pm

 No Prereqs   Fee $160


Nov 3, 2018 Vital organ dynamics

at  2126 NW 6TH ST, Gainesville

8 FL CUES for LMTs       9m - 6pm

 Prereq One Basic Ortho-bionomy class   Fee $160




Introduction to Vital Organ Dynamics - a Self-Healing program

Introductory class is now available online.

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The Ortho-Bionomy Training is for people interested in learning how to apply the work. These classes provide an opportunity to learn several holistic models at a kinesthetic level that is applicable in any clinical practice.

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The Vital Organ Dynamics - Courses for Visceral Self-Healing for anyone trying to improve their physical condition and for Visceral awareness in the application of clinical Ortho-Bionomy practice. The classes will cover relevant anatomy overviews as well as a specific curriculum of exercises and meditations for the scanning and self-adjustment of musculoskeletal and visceral mobility.


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For those interested in Clinical Applications, I offer 4 hours of clinic observation followed by an hour tutorial time. This would be on a Monday or Thursday from 8am to 1pm. Please contact me to arrange a date.

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