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Issues I work with include pelvic dysfunctions, post surgical abdominal adhesions, scarring in lungs from pneumonia or trauma, scarring in ureters from stones & scoliosis.

I also work with athletes & dancers who are trying to gain greater movement control.

I treat people who are at the end of the line. They have usually tried a variety of things before they get to me. As a person who suffered with chronic pain, I am focused on providing both short term relief and long term resolution to the underlying causes of pain. I try to figure out why you have pain and I make sure you understand my thinking process.

If I can't help you, I try to refer you to the right specialist.

I place a high value on educating clients about the anatomical and physiological processes involved, so they can take control of their condition.

I use an osteopathic approach called Ortho-Bionomy®, in conjunction with my training in Taoism, Buddhism and yoga, to investigate deeply and build lasting solutions.